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Nomineer HIER jouw kandidaat voor de Sustainable Business Travel Award 2022

In november 2022 zal de jaarlijkse Sustainable Business Travel Award worden uitgereikt aan de Travel Manager die op het terrein van Duurzaam Zakelijk Reizen de meest onderscheidende bijdrage heeft geleverd. Het doel van deze award is om Duurzaam Zakelijk Reizen onder de aandacht brengen van en te stimuleren bij Travel Managers in Nederland.

De Sustainable Business Travel Award is een partnership tussen NATM, Climate Neutral Group en Thalys International, waarbij betrokken partijen hun beschikbare kennis en kanalen op het gebied van respectievelijk travel management en duurzaamheid zoveel mogelijk zullen inzetten.

Op het gebied van duurzaam zakenreizen valt nog veel te winnen en omdat zelfs kleine stappen bijdragen is er bewust voor gekozen om geen absolute, maar relatieve criteria te hanteren. Op deze manier wordt de duurzame inspanning van een Travel Manager persoonlijk beloond.

Bij de beoordeling van de duurzame inspanning wordt qua inhoud gekeken naar:
→ Planet: o.a. klimaat (CO2-emissies van reis & verblijf)
→ People: o.a. medewerker welzijn en mensenrechten
→ Profit: o.a. demand management en smarter travel

En qua persoon naar:
→ Impact: wat is het concrete resultaat?
→ Daadkracht: wat is de invloed van de Travel Manager?
→ Visie & ambitie: is er een toekomstgericht duurzaam beleid?


  • Iedereen mag Travel Managers nomineren voorzien van een motivatie (max. 350 woorden) via onderstaand nominatie formulier (tot 1 november 2022).
  • Een Travel Manager mag ook zichzelf nomineren.
  • De vakjury stelt een lijst van 3 genomineerden op en deze wordt tijdens de bijeenkomst gepubliceerd.
  • De genomineerden krijgen persoonlijk bericht dat ze zijn genomineerd. Genomineerden, niet lid van de vereniging, worden persoonlijk uitgenodigd om deze bijeenkomst bij te wonen.
  • Tijdens de ledenbijeenkomst worden de genomineerden a.d.h.v. een samenvatting van het jury oordeel voorgedragen aan de aanwezigen, die vervolgens hun stem kunnen uitbrengen.
  • Uitreiking van de Award vindt plaats aan de genomineerde met de meeste stemmen, waarbij de stemmen van de jury en van de aanwezigen ieder voor 50% meewegen.
  • De leden van de vakjury zijn uitgesloten van deelname.
  • Over de uitslag van de vakjury kan niet worden gecorrespondeerd.

Voorzitter namens NATM (Odete Pimenta da Silva) direct member van de NATM, allied members van de NATM (Climate Neutral Group en Thalys International). Bij staking van stemmen geeft de stem van de voorzitter de doorslag.

De winnaar ontvangt een wisseltrofee en daarnaast ontvangt de winnaar nog een persoonlijke prijs. De wisseltrofee blijft in het bezit van de winnaar voor de duur van 1 jaar.



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    Karhoo partners with Amadeus to enable taxi booking from Cytric
    With the Cytric mobile app, users can now hail rides, through Karhoo - a venture of Mobilize - from hundreds of fleets of taxis and private transfer companies in 1,000+ cities around the world


    Who hasn't dreamed, when arriving in a foreign country, of easily finding a taxi and knowing the fare in advance? Thanks to a new partnership with Karhoo, business travelers using the Cytric Travel & Expense mobile app will have all the answers at their fingertips.

    This new Karhoo integration means Cytric users can hail pre-booked or on-demand rides in more than 1,000 cities around the world. With hundreds of fleets of taxis and private transfer companies to choose from, users will be spoiled for choice, with new cities and destinations constantly being added to meet demand. The best part is travelers won´t even have to download another app: all of these mobility options will be just a few clicks away on the Cytric Travel & Expense app.

    In addition, business travelers will be able to compare prices as well as category of vehicles (electric, hybrid…) and estimated wait time to book whichever ride best suits their needs. This will help corporate clients reduce costs as well as service their travelers better during their trip. A future enhancement will also link the receipts generated automatically for the clients who use the Cytric expense solution.

    “We’re always looking for ways to make Cytric Travel & Expense more user friendly for our travelers. We want them to have everything they need at their fingertips. This partnership with Karhoo really takes us to the next level when it comes to providing a true end-to-end experience for business travelers,”

    says Vasken Tokatlian, Vice President Partnerships and Alliances, Amadeus Cytric solutions.

    “Few companies have the global reach and network of travelers and travel companies that Amadeus has. We are therefore very pleased to be working with Cytric Travel & Expense and proud to help Cytric users find more mobility options, wherever they travel,”

    says Fedra Ribeiro, CEO of Karhoo.

    This is the latest development recently announced by Amadeus in the corporate travel space which shows the company’s commitment to creating a connected travel and expense experience. In March, Amadeus announced in a new Cytric integration with Microsoft 365 that allows business travelers to plan trips and share travel details with colleagues without ever leaving their day-to-day applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams.

    GBTA BTI Outlook 2022 – 2026
    GBTA’s BTI Global Outlook 2022-2026 published


    GBTA’s Global BTI Outlook for the period 2022-2026 has been released and is available on the NATM member pages: click here.

    Press Release: Let’s Deliver Sustainable Business Travel Says BT4 Europe

    BT4Europe, the European Network of Business Travel Associations), today launched a Position Paper on Sustainability in Business Travel, demanding that business travel be conducted sustainably and arguing that information and self-awareness of the carbon impact of business travel are the drivers of change.

    The business travel industry, with millions of Europeans traveling on business every year, sustains thousands of jobs across Europe and is vital to our economies and our societies. It is convinced it must reduce its carbon footprint in line with the European Green Deal.

    The position paper highlights the fact that to properly tackle the challenge of greening business travel buyers of business travel in Europe first need to be fully informed about the amount of CO2 emissions caused by business travel, which is currently not possible.
    The paper calls for urgent and significant steps to be taken to improve access to standardized, accurate and comparable data on the CO2 impact of business travel.

    ‘We have identified a set of common data challenges, which if not addressed and legislated upon where necessary, will prejudice the green transformation of the sector. To green our industry we must plug the data gaps and end the data inconsistencies. For example it is difficult to evaluate the real CO2 footprint for different travel options.’ Says Patrick W. Diemer, Chair of BT4Europe.

    ‘To green business travel – all stakeholder – business, citizens and the European Union must work together to ensure the CO2 footprint of business travel options become as important as price, customers have a right to CO2 information and we agree a unified standard for CO2 emission calculations. Therefore, the opportunities to act, created by the European Commission’s “CountEmissions EU” initiative and the on-going revisions of the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive and the Non-Financial Reporting Directive must be seized.’ says Angela Lille, Chair of the BT4Europe Working Group on Sustainability.

    DOWNLOAD the Position Paper

    DOWNLOAD the Position Paper - Presentation