028af90“Door de NATM krijg je een netwerk van vakgenoten en branche gerelateerde relaties, blijf je up-to-date met betrekking tot ontwikkelingen in travel management, wissel je kennis en kunde uit op je vakgebied, kun je zo nodig gezamenlijk een vuist maken, heb je de mogelijkheid ‘tailormade’ opleidingen en workshops te volgen en interessante congressen bij te wonen en kun je op informele wijze met vakgenoten van gedachten wisselen!” 

Marjon van Dompseler, Travel Manager, Haven Amsterdam





De contacten die ik opdoe tijdens de informele ledenbijeenkomsten zijn bijzonder waardevol voor mij als travel manager, van het uitwisselen van ervaringen met collega travel managers tot contacten met leveranciers. De NATM steekt meer en meer tijd in kennisoverdracht, van seminars op inkoopgebied tot het verschaffen van achtergronden in de luchtvaart. Het lidmaatschap van de NATM is zeker van toegevoegde waarde voor ons bedrijf!”

Irma Rinkel, Travel Manager, Bluewater Energy Services B.V.


Danielle Meijer

My name is Danielle Meijer and I was, up until September 2016, the Travel Coordinator for Schneider Electric The Netherlands. I joined the NATM 2 years ago, though I wish I had known about them 6 years earlier when I started at Schneider Electric. The organization was brought to my attention by a dear friend who is an Allied member.

I attended a meeting as a guest and was introduced to a fountain of information. Information that empowered me to do my job much better. A fountain of expertise to encourage me to think about how to improve safety for my travellers, how to show my employer that it was possible to save money without sacrificing comfort, efficiency and safety and learn from industry leaders about the challenges they face.

Open discussions, forums, industry articles and education all make the NATM a cornucopia of relevant and valuable information.
An instrument for all Direct members to find the knowledge, products and services they need.
For Allied members to hear what their customers needs are so they can improve their products or services.
Working together the direct and allied members have a better understanding of what is needed, wanted and appreciated.

I believe that the NATM is the organization that will take business travel knowledge and understanding to the next level. Empowering all who join to understand better a world that is gaining momentum and becoming more complex by the day.

I strongly urge all companies who travel internationally to join this team of professionals. They will help you understand the complexity that is travel. They will give you a voice with industry leaders and introduce you to new advances in products and services that can save you precious time and money.

I have now moved onto another position and to a different country and yet I still rely on the news that NATM brings me. The forums and discussions online are as relevant to me now as they have always been. I continue to learn as knowledge is the key to understanding, change and expanding your horizons!!

Danielle Meijer, Schneider Electric France