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The European Tourism Manifesto alliance* calls for the development of a concrete EU roadmap to restart travel and tourism.

Such a roadmap should be developed by the EU in close cooperation with industry and social partners, primarily via a newly created Commission Task Force for the Restoration of the Free Movement of People.

Yesterday, 1 March, the European Council of Tourism Ministers met on the initiative of Portugal - the President of the European Union these six months - to discuss how the restart of (business) travel and the restoration of tourism could take shape again. The Portuguese Presidency wanted to send a clear message to the European Commission that the need to enable safe travel in the short term is of the utmost importance: for the economy in general, for tourism, and especially for travellers themselves.

In cooperation with our European GBTA sister organisations, we are lobbying towards the various European bodies to encourage them to act. It is time for the authorities to realise that safe travel must be possible and how it can be done. Only in this way can the companies get started with adjusting the travel policy and internally start the discussion about how travel becomes part of the business operations again.

Below you can find all relevant documents used in this process and communication towards the different European bodies encouraging them to act.

Regarding this topic NATM is following a two-way strategy by participating in the European Tourism Manifesto alliance and at the same time connecting to the Dutch government. NATM and Cortas are expecting the invite for a meeting with the Dutch government shortly.

*The European Tourism Manifesto alliance represents more than 60 public and private organisations, covering the whole spectrum of (business) travel and tourism products and services. NATM and its GBTA Europe partners contributed into the Manifesto under the GBTA umbrella.

Press release_Travel and Tourism Restart Plan_final

Travel & Tourism Manifesto

Travel and Tourism Exit Strategy_final