Managing Director Odete Pimenta da Silva
Odete klein As Managing Director of the NATM since May 2014, I am able to call on my
experience within the world of corporate travel management (as of 2002) and corporate
strategic human resources management to the benefit of Buyer, Supplier Members and all
our networking partners. With a background in corporate human resources management,
corporate travel management and commercial marketing in the public sector, and always
with a keen focus on team development, I have the privilege of leading the refreshed NATM
approach to ensure further education and resources are available across a variety of
subjects for our Members. It is my privilege to serve the interest of the NATM members
in the field of travel management and to contribute to professionalize and create awareness
to the added value of the corporate travel manager in particular. Being the representative
of this dedicated team of professionals drives me on a daily basis to represent their best
interest as the voice of the corporate business travel industry in the Netherlands and
in the GBTA Europe Partnership Council.
Voorzitter Stefan van Sliedregt – Jacobs Douwe Egberts
1 natm stefan In early 2015 I joined as a board member in the Netherlands Associations for Travel
Management. In 2018 I was appointed as chairman of the association.
I will be focusing, together with the other board members, on shaping and
renewing the strategic framework as was kicked off by the associate's members during 2017.
My goal is to ensure all travel buyers across the country recognize and trust our association
as the voice of the business travel market.
Secretaris Ceyhan Dulkadir – Amadeus Benelux
2 natm ceyhan Working in the travel industry is what I have been doing for 20 years of which
the last 14 years at Amadeus. I am a cultural purist traveler, a family person, have a
big appreciation for technological evolution and very much looking forward to share and
exchange information within the group of NATM members for the next three years.
Penningmeester Erik Tangelder – RAI Amsterdam
3 natm erik The world is changing quickly… including the business travel industry.
Working currently in the MICE-industry I am looking forward to bring an energetic
and positive contribution to the NATM in the next three years.
Some of my key skills: strategy, product development & innovation, procurement,
pricing & focused on sustainable growth & strategic partnerships.


Giuseppe Patacca - MobileXpense
Irma Rinkel - Bluewater Energy Services B.V.
Oscar van Wees - VCK Travel

Chairman: Mr. Hans Ingo Biehl - Duitsland, VDR
Vice chairman: Mr. Jan Henrik Ulvatne - Noorwegen, NBTA
Mrs. Lotten Fowler - Zweden, SBTA
Mrs. Anne Mette Berg - Denemarken, DBTA
Mr. Stefan van Sliedregt - Nederland, NATM
Mrs. Odete Pimenta da Silva - Nederland, NATM
Mrs. Sari Viljamaa - Finland, FBT